Hello all! I am saying hello all like there are going to be thousands of people reading this.. Lol. I can imagine I will be the only person reading this blog, but you know what? I am perfectly fine with that. I want this blog to be about me, not about views or popularity. I want to look back at this and be like “wow, I have really grown as a person.” By starting this blog will help me see my growth. Also, I am using this blog to help me professionally as a future leader.

By any chance I do have someone other than myself reading this blog, I might as well introduce myself. *clears throat* Hello, my name is…. Osayi Baby. No, that is not my name but it is my native name. For the purposes for this blog, my name is Osayi Baby. I am a 22 year old living in America on the east coast.. I honestly would rather be somewhere else due to the Trump era and the fact that it’s April and 40 degrees out. But anywho, I am currently in a master’s program, so I am stuck here until I earn that degree.

The purpose of this blog is  a place for me to write my thoughts, feelings and opinions on any given topic. I could write a post about the great sermon I received at church, or the reason why I am celibate until marriage. I can even write about how I think Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble”  is trash or the random but insightful thoughts that go through my head when I smoke weed. Let’s see how this goes..


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