How missed opportunities become blessings

Every college senior has been asked the dreaded question, “What are your plans for next year?” This question probably came up at least three times a day from different people in my social circles. When I would grumble look for a job, there were the professors, or aunts and uncles who would follow up with “What about grad school?” It was not until I was a senior when  I realized the popularity in attending graduate school right after college. But when the graduate school question came around, I always said I will have a my future job pay for my graduate degree. At that time, I had no intentions in going to graduate school right after graduating from college. My dream job was to be a college advisor part of an organization, which would not pay for a graduate degree. I thought I was perfect for the job and wanted it so bad. I envisioned how my life would be as a college advisor and was beginning to make plans around that job. How could they not hire Osayi Baby?

By April, I got to the second round of interviews and was cut. I was devastated. I literally cried my eyes out. I could not believe I did not get hired because I thought I killed that interview. After getting denied, I went on a job applying frenzy. Two months had past and I was still unemployed. I was stressed and trying to understand why I still unemployed? I had a good cumulative gpa, a variety of internship experiences and wrote passionate cover letters.  It was not until June I was hired at my current job. And guess what?  My current job is paying for my masters degree! I could not find a job not because I was inadequate or not smart enough. God was waiting for me to find the perfect opportunity for me.

For those two months looking for a job, I was stressed and worried about being unemployed. Instead, I should have been keeping my faith in God. I did not get hired at my “dream job” because God had something better for me. Before considering going to graduate school, I spoke into existence about having my future job pay for my masters. God answered me by providing me with a job that paid for my masters.

The main lesson I learned from this testimony is to always put faith in God. Any trials and tribulations you may THINK you’re going through, understand He is preparing you for something better. Instead of stressing like I did, ask for grace from God to get you through that phase.


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