Long distance love

While vacationing in Nigeria for the holidays, I met Naija Boo. I actually met him through Tinder. It is funny because I distinctly remember almost swiping left for him because I didn’t understand his bio  (he later explained only Nigerians would really understand). But then I looked at his picture again and thought he was cute, so I quickly changed my mind and swiped right.  Tah-da.. We were a match! Something about Naija Boo was different.  When we finally met in person, it was like I known him for years, we did not feel like strangers. On our first date, he took me to a karaoke lounge and got me to dance a little. Everyone who knows me, knows I do not dance unless I am drunk. Even though I was not drunk, somehow he got me up and slightly dancing with him. After our date we  sat in the car and he put his head on my shoulder and we talked. Eventually, we  kissed, which was nice.

The last time I saw him was on New Year’s Day.  I had to kinda lie to my dad (sorry Dad!) and I went to his apartment. I was able to meet some of his family members. We sat in the parlor and watched a movie and played a game on his tablet. Eventually we made our way to his bedroom. We kissed but mostly just talked. This was a new experience for me. Back in the States, I never been to a guy’s bedroom and him not try to have sex with me. I wasn’t going to have sex anyways because I am celibate (see Why I am choosing to wait..)  But I was shocked. Later, I asked why he didn’t try anything with me and he replied “I didn’t want it to look like a quickie. I like you more than that.” My heart literally melted.

Four months later… Naija Boo and I still talk everyday on the phone and through chat. Even though he truly makes me happy, sometimes I wish I never met him. It hurts to have met someone special to you and you not be able to be with them. There is a five hour time difference between us and it literally takes 24 hours (travel time) to get to Nigeria. We talked about having a long distance relationship but he noted how he would not want to be in a long distance relationship. Almost every romantic situation in my life, I have always want the ones I can’t have and I feel like this is another situation of a guy not liking me equally back. I understand that long distance relationships are hard, especially since we would only be able to see each other once a year. But I feel like if the person is worth it and you don’t want to risk losing that person,  it could work. Part of me does not want to be in a super long distance relationship like this because I am young, poppin’ and should not want to be tied down by someone so far away. The other part of me wants to be with him. Anyways this won’t be the last post about Naija Boo, I will be updating our situation as it develops or stops.

**UPDATE 4/13/17**  I decided to stop talking to him. I chose myself and my happiness.

**UPDATE 4/30/17** So we started talking again after a two week break. But before you judge me (lol) this time is different. I realize that he is not the one for me and  God has someone even better with better circumstances. But he is such a genuine person and that is rare to find nowadays (especially in men, well at least in the States), I can’t just give that up. We will be great friends, and I have finally mentally and emotionally accepted that.


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