Love Distance love: Moving On

It has been four days since I have spoken to Naija Boo. This has been the longest we have gone without talking; the longest was two days. I will admit the first couple of days were hard, and I cried (of course I cried, I am a cancer!). But less than a week later, I am no longer sad, disappointed or upset. I was able to move on from the situation without dwelling on it. These are the 2 simple ways I moved on from my heartache.

  • Focusing on God

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding in all your ways submit to him and he will make your paths straight. (Proverbs 3:5-6)”

Easter is the perfect time to go through a breakup. Last week, I was able to attend three services: Wednesday’s bible study, Good Friday, and Easter. Being in the presence of the Lord helped overcome this heartache. It served as a reminder that God doesn’t need my help. I don’t have to try and force situations to happen or understand why things aren’t happening my way. I know He has very special plans for me; so I need to continue praying, worshiping and building my relationship with Him.

  • Focusing on myself

Instead of thinking about him, I am directing my time and attention to areas I want to improve in my life. As soon I sent the final text, I started my blog’s instagram account @americanaija, I continued @brittnebabe’s 21 day challenge, and focused more on school. Writing this blog will help me professionally, emotionally and mentally. So I really want to dedicate a decent amount of time developing and creating an audience for americanaija. Since April 1st, I’ve been participating in brittnebabe’s 21 day challenge (check out her instagram). Her fitness plan literally changed my life. It is so convenient, it is only about 30 minutes and you can workout at midnight in your room.  I don’t own a scale but when I am done I will insert a picture to show the progress in one of my toughest areas; my back!

Also, usually I am a straight A student in my master’s program for leadership. However, due to circumstances beyond my control, I ended my last class with a C-. I am motivated to get my gpa back up. Instead of focusing on a man who probably isn’t thinking about me, I am focusing on myself!

Remember this, don’t take longer than a week to move on from someone. Time is the only thing you cannot get back. Don’t allow anyone to waste your time! And as Demetrius Lucas said, “Don’t waste your pretty!”


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