Navigating the seasons of my life

A couple weeks ago, my pastor preached a sermon about the seasons we go through in life. When we go through our seasons, we hear two voices: pain and God. We need to always remember to listen to God. During our seasons, people hurt not because of the troubles they go through but because of their attitude towards it. Don’t fight against your seasons; instead ask for grace from God to help you through it. Being able to recognize the signs from God and obedience will help put you ahead of your seasons. Going through your seasons will bring out the best in you; what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger. But before God can help us, we need to figure out where we are in life.

So where is Osayi Baby in her life? As some of you know by reading my previous post Why I am choosing to wait.., I am in a season of waiting. Being in the season of waiting is not only about abstaining from sex. It is about developing the best version of yourself and building a strong relationship with God. By removing all the distractions from my life is how I am developing the best version of myself. Casual dating and sex use to be a huge distraction to achieving my ultimate happiness, so I removed those aspects from this season. Binge eating and Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice was a distraction to my weight loss journey, so I only drink water and am practicing self-control when eating. Now, I love the progress I am making towards my goal body. I am working on my master’s in leadership with a non-profit management concentration to achieve my goal of being a school leader.

I am able to practice celibacy, self control and abstaining temptation through God. By attending church regularly, having spiritual time and praying before and after I wake up, helps me develop and sustain a relationship with God. This relationship helps me do things I didn’t even think was possible. During my “hoe” phase (don’t judge me, most people go through a hoe phase I would have never thought I could abstain from sex until I got married. It was truly unimaginable. Even before my waiting season, I would try to abstain from sex but would always give into instant gratification and fornicate. But once I accepted God into my life, it was so much easier to not have sex. All of the action items towards developing my best self are all self and God focused. Everything that I am doing in my current season, is preparing me for the blessings I will receive for being obedient. So I just need to continue to be patient and put my faith in God to get me through my seasons.


What seasons are you going through? Lets discuss below!


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