First Time Speaking In Tongues

An amazing first happened yesterday.. I spoke in tongues! First, let me explain how this happened. When  I came back from church and I just felt emotionally down. My spirits were down and I was randomly feeling emotionally. I could not quite understand why I was feeling so sad; I am not even on my period. I texted Naija Boo to ask him a question and then he ended the conversation (I later found out it was because he was at the movies), this fueled my unidentifiable sadness.

Since the beginning of my religious/spiritual journey, I learned whenever you are going through something, pray to God and ask for grace. So that’s exactly what I did. As I was praying, I started to identify why I was feeling sad and emotional.  So I asked God to relieve me from the sadness, and loneliness I was feeling. Somewhere in my prayer I asked God to send me my future husband and that I was ready for him. I am unsure how a future husband came about in this prayer but I told God that I was ready for him.  Mind you, this wasn’t a cute prayer. I was weeping and crying uncontrollably. Even after I thought I was done praying, I was still crying. Because I am the queen of googling, I took a few moments to google, “What does it mean when you are crying and weeping during prayer?” As I was reading, I just dropped my phone, bowed my head and started weeping and crying again uncontrollably. As I was weeping, I realized I started talking but it wasn’t words coming out of my mouth. I was thinking what’s going on.. Then it happened. I started speaking in tongues. I was crying, shouting, snot smeared against my bed comforter. .. again not a cute prayer.

After speaking in tongues, I felt two  emotions. First, I was relieved from the pain I was feeling before. I was no longer emotional, sad or felt lonely. I felt perfectly fine, like I didn’t just spend the last 30 minutes  crying and weeping. The second emotion I felt was, complete happiness. I was so happy that God enabled me to speak to him directly in his language. This ensure that I am building a genuine relationship with Him and He recognizes my obedience and faithfulness to Him. When I told Naija Boo about my experience speaking in tongues he was surprised. I didn’t grow up in the church, this is one of the first times I have been going to church consistently  and I have only been on my religious/spiritual journey for about two months. So for me to be able to speak in tongues so soon is surprising. This experience was beautiful and something I will never forget. After 22 years, I am grateful that I finally accepted God’s free gift of salvation. I can’t imagine living my life without God being at the center again. Thank you God.


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