I decided to name my blog, americanaija, because it represents both my identities. I come from a black American mom and a Nigerian father. They met at a city club and years later, I was created. There has always been some tension with both my identities. In America, I wasn’t raised like a typical black American. And in Nigeria, it is obvious I am not a Nigerian, or have an African upbringing. I can’t even understand pidgin. But I am both, together. My house used to have the Nigerian parties that lowkey pissed off the neighbors, getting sprayed at the parties, and knowing not to say hello but good evening. I also have that black side where, you don’t get in grown folk business, having family Thanksgivings at my MomMom’s house and listening to Marvin Gaye when I woke up as a child. I have honestly been blessed with the best of both worlds!  And I am sure you will learn more about me through my blog posts!